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Alora’s Light Nursery

Tissue Culture Acclimation Class Taught 04/14/2024

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Learning How to Acclimate Tissue Cultures Class

This is for a live recording on Zoom, taken 04/14/2024. Please note this is a raw video, meaning it has not been edited or changed in its entirety.

Taught by Alina from Alora’s Light Nursery

We covered how to acclimate different genus of houseplants from tissue culture, including Alocasia, Monstera, and Philodendron. There was different techniques, tips, and tricks shared in the class.

You can expect to see the following tissue cultures washed, separated, and started in the class, on a step by step basis.

Alocasia Variegated - Watsoniana

Philodendron Variegated - Caramel Marble and Billietiae

Monstera Variegated - Mint

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Customer Reviews

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Alexa Speer
An easy-going and knowledgeable class

I love how knowledgeable Alina is and that she shared her tips and tricks on separating TCs and how she preps them acclimates them. I feel a lot more confident in trying to do tissue cultures now! Thank you so much 🥰💖