Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What carriers do you ship through? Currently we will only be utilizing USPS due to their reliable shipping network.
  2. What shipping option do you offer? We offer first class, priority mail, and priority mail express. We highly recommend that you utilize priority mail and priority mail express so that your shipment can arrive safely and quickly. This will greatly shorten your transit time and help you to be able to quickly transplant your new plant.
  3. Do you offer flat rate shipping? With the way that shopify is currently set up and there being so many different sizes of plants that we do offer, we cannot offer flat rate shipping on this platform, we will utilize these options when shipping, though we can't offer them on here. We can try to better assist you if you email us. 
  4. When can we expect our shipment to be sent out? Currently we will be shipping once a month in order to make sure necessary phytosanitary certificates are obtained when required, we also will take the current weather (hot and cold) into consideration when shipping in order to limit any potential damage and shock.
  5. Do you offer heat packs for shipments? Due to the cost of heat packs we have a limited supply. In order for your shipment to be shipped with a heat pack you must add it to your purchase before you check out. Depending on the quantity and size of your shipment you may want to contact us to see if we recommend more than one heat pack for your shipment. 
  6. Do you offer discounts or wholesale deals? Sadly due to limited supply we do not currently offer any discounts or wholesale deals. Though for in person orders over $500 we do tend to toss in up to $50 in free products, usually giving you the buyer a few options to choose from. 
  7. What payment options do you accept in person? Here on shopify many forms of payment are accepted, though in person I am limited to accept PayPal, Venmo, Cash, and Facebook Payments.
  8. Where are you located? We are located in Sacramento, California about 1 mile from the Elk Grove/Sacramento border, also about 1 mile off the 99 freeway near Power Inn and Calvine.
  9. Are your plants organic? Technically no, we are not certified organic as a nursery, though we do only use organic products on our plants.
  10. How are your plants shipped? As a avid gardener and collector the owner of Alora's Light Nursery has received countless shipments over the years. She has found that in order for a shipment to limit the possibility of spreading nematodes, bugs, and other issues plants are best shipped bareroot. This means that a plant is removed from its pot or community pot, rinsed free of all debris, cleaned up, wrapped up in moist towels or newspaper, placed into plastic, rolled up and then shipped.
  11. What does bareroot mean? Bareroot means that a plant is shipped without any soil in order to prevent the spread of soil born bugs and nematodes.
  12. Do you have a social media presence? Yes, you can find the nursery on Instagram @aloraslightnursery and on Facebook under Alora's Light Nursery.
  13. Do you ship outside of California? Yes, though you must purchase the add on phytosanitary certificate if your state requires it for shipments from California as we do have a presence of the brown garden snail here.