Purchase Agreement

By purchasing you are acknowledging that you have fully read and agree to all of the conditions listed throughout my listings and website.

1. All of my plants are grown organically, from the moment a plant is in my possession I transition it over to a completely organic regimen. From the soil, which I mix myself, to the fertilizers, and any pesticide or fungicide if it’s ever needed. Everything I use in my garden is Organic Certified. I can happily provide a list of products I use to verify any specific questions of any product I use, to prove that they are organic, even though the nursery is not certified organic.

2. I am unable to provide any warranty or guarantee on any plant that is purchased from me. Once a plant leaves my possession I am no longer liable for how it is treated, as I can not control how a plant is handled by the carrier when shipped, or anyone picking up plants. Plants require specific care, if you have questions on how to care for your plants, please contact the nursery in advance. 

3. I do not provide discounts or wholesale prices to any person or establishment unless it is readily advertised as a sale and available to the public.

4. Due to the current health crisis I have implemented safety measures and will do my best to keep both myself and you safe during the transaction. I can offer porch pickup sales through the door, or by maintaining social distance outside. I am able to show plants in the front area (not in the back) and can take pictures as needed so that we can make the transaction quickly and safely. I can accept several different payment options in person, though I sadly do not carry change.

5. Plants will be shipped Bareroot without any “soil” though they will be kept moist. All shipped plants will have pictures taken before shipment and I am not responsible or liable for any confiscated plants or damages that the plants incur during shipment. You are able to add route insurance to protect your package in the event it is lost or stolen or even damaged, if this insurance is denied at checkout, we are not liable for any missing or damaged plants.

6. Please purchase a phytosanitary certificate if you are having plants shipped to a state which requires them, such as Arizona, or if there are specific restrictions due to interstate laws for shipments coming from California.


7. Alora’s Light Nursery is a licensed plant nursery that is certified to ship. Please be aware that all shipments will have a notice for your local AG department allowing them to inspect all plants upon arrival, as well as being marked visibly with the contents, and a certificate attached. Please know your local regulations and if you need to contact your local AG department upon the arrival of any and all seed, cutting, and plant materials, as well as following your local guidelines for which plants are or are not allowed into your City, County and State. Respectfully, Alina @Alora’s Light Nursery.