Our Story

Alora's Light Nursery started years ago from the love of plants, culture, and growing new things. When the owner was a young girl her grandmother would encourage her to start new plants, sending her home with bags of seeds, seedlings, and cuttings. Showing her how to grow a few different succulents, flowering plants, and fruiting trees. With the assistance of her uncle she soon expanded her knowledge as a young adolescent to knowing which weeds to pull, how to start fertilizing, how to trim plants, and more.

By the time she was 15 and injured during a car accident she found that plants were her perfect form of therapy and helping her see value in all that was to come. At 15 she started collecting a small variety of seeds, seedlings, and cuttings from a wide range of species and types of plants, propagating them in mass. She started out by selling plants on craigslist and to friends and family, by about 16 she became a licensed nursery grower, though once she started college she had to put those dreams on hold.

Fast forward to the end of 2020, due to her health declining she was thinking of ways to both work, while helping to spread the love of what she had continued to hold close to her heart, plants. At that time she had collected over 350 different plants, with thousands of plants in total. It was then that she had a light bulb moment and said I could open up the nursery again and this time I could become certified to ship nationwide so that I can spread the love of plants far and wide. From that moment the plan for Alora's Light Nursery was birthed and slowly set into motion.