About Us

Alora's Light Nursery is a licensed nursery in the state of California (B3436.001) that is certified by the State of California to ship nationwide. With that being said there are still laws and regulations that must be complied with, you can look up your own states restrictions for shipments from California here: https://nationalplantboard.org/laws-and-regulations/

Please purchase a phytosanitary certificate for a fee of $50 per shipment, if there are any restrictions for the plants you wish to order from California to your state, this is to make up for the fee's collected by our local agriculture department and the additional work necessary to obtain the certificate.

A few things we would love to share with you. Alora's Light Nursery is not a certified organic nursery, though we only use natural and organic listed products that are OMRI/CDFA organic. This is true for everything that we use - our soil, soil amendments, fertilizers, pesticides, weed killers, etc. So while we aren't certified organic we do only use organic products with our nursery. We love to buy organic seeds when possible, though when it is not possible we only buy non-gmo at the minimum. From the moment seeds, cuttings, and plants come into our possession we like to clean them, remove the soil that they came with, and convert them immediately over to our organic ways.