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Monstera Sierrana Mexican Form Top Cut Rooted

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This item is for a Monstera Sierrana Mexican Form Top Cut that is Rooted.

💚Plant help is available

💚No guarantee of continued patterns, variegation, etc as new light and environments can affect each plant differently

💚Heat Packs and Insulation can be found by typing in the search bar to add on 🌱

💚Plants are sold as is, shipped plants can experience stress, I can’t guarantee how they will arrive, if there is a issue please send a unboxing video/photos within 24hrs of receipt (they are packed with Poly Fill and love to try to protect them as best as possible, as I myself have received many plants, and know the pain from someone packing with paper instead)

💚No refunds/returns/exchanges

Customer Reviews

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HuaKun Li
Alora's Nursery is amazing!

Alora's Nursery is great! She offers plants from rooted to cuttings with a reasonable price. She is very well known in the sacramento plant community. I have gotten multiple plants from her and they are all healthy. She is very helpful and friendly if you have any questions she would be more than happy to answer. I also love her chunky soil mix! Personally I use it on all my monsteras and zz.