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Succulents and Cactus Care Instructions

Below are basic care instructions for plants we currently have for sale or have recently sold in our shop.  Please understand these are just guidelines and do not apply to every environment.  Also, if you do not have one already; we highly suggest purchasing a water meter.
Elephant Bush - Hold the watering can! Like most succulents, elephant bush thrives on neglect. Just plant it in full sun in sandy soil so it dries quickly and the roots don't rot. If you are growing it in a pot, be sure the container has a drainage hole at the bottom so the water drains out.

Ruby Necklace - LIGHT: Bright, indirect light, early morning sun will give a healthy amount of sun stress to keep those brilliant colors. WATER: Allow soil to dry out between watering to avoid root rot. SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix. Heavy, wet soil will lead to root rot.

String of Dolphins - LIGHT: Bright, indirect light, early morning sun, or semi to half shade. Plants may become sun burnt from too much sun. WATER: Allow soil to dry out between watering to avoid root rot. SOIL: Use a well-draining soil mix.

String of Hearts - Place your String of Hearts where it can receive plenty of bright indirect light. Small doses of direct sun are good, however too much direct sun can scorch the leaves. This plant is not suitable for lower light environments.

String of Pearls -  Be sure to let the soil dry out at least half an inch or so between waterings. In winter, cut back watering to about once monthly. Make sure to top water the plant.  They hate sitting in water and will rot. Occasionally, you may find that pruning becomes necessary as part of your string of pearls care in order to maintain its size or appearance. This is simple to do.

Zygo / Thanksgiving Cactus - To care for your Thanksgiving cactus, allow the soil to dry out during "resting periods," or in other words, when it is not producing blooms. Water only when the soil is dry to the touch. Overwatering can kill the plant. Provide plenty of indirect light and room temperatures of 60 to 65 degrees F.